Cellular Telephones are no longer just for the Business Person or the Rich. Today, with the many plans and competition, they are priced so all can own one. This page has links to many of the National Cellular / PCS Providers and the manufactures of the phones. There are many more local only providers of Cellular Telephones that may offer you just what you need. There are also many prepaid plans available today.

National plans offer the use of the cellular phone anywhere in the United States. As long as you stay on their network, there usually is no roaming charges. Some offer National Long Distance in there plans so there are no long distant charges. These are based on a fixed number of minutes per month, with a specified amount per minute for calls over that amount.

Local plans usually offer local or extended local calling areas for a fixed number of minutes per month. If you don't travel and don't need long distance coverage these plans are usually cheaper than the National Calling Plans.

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